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Inositol, also named meat sugar or nucite, has the familiar usage with Vitamin B, Inositol is one kind of nourish medicaments of the pharmaceutical industries .It belongs to the vitamin B family, is one kind of vitamin B complex, has the similar influence with biotin and vitamin B1.
Molecular formula: C6H12C6
Molecular weight : 180.16(international atomic weight of 1985)
Molecular structure:

Character: white crystals or white crystalline powder, odorless, sweet taste
Identification:      positive reaction
Loss on drying:     max 0.5%
Residue on ignition:  max 0.1%
Chloride:          max 0.005%
Sulfate:            max 0.006%
Calcium:           negative
Heavy metals:      max 0.002%
Lead:             max 0.001%
Iron:             max 0.0005%
Melting range:      224-227℃
Assay:            min 97.0%
Category: Vitamin B complex vitamin:lipotropic.
Usual dose: 2Gm

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